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surgeryOur endeavour  is  to preserve or restore oral health in the most conservative means possible.We will do what we can to save your tooth or teeth.  When you arrive at our surgery you will be invited to fill in a medical history.  Your treating Endodontist will then check your medical history.  In order to diagnose your concern you will be asked to explain the  history of your problem. The Endodontist will then Examine your mouth and in particular the tooth or teeth in question.  In addition special tests and digital radiographs (X-rays) may be required.

Once a diagnosis and treatment plan is determined, the endodontist will explain the treatment options available as well as the fee involved.If possible treatment will be commenced.  Often you will need to return for completion of the treatment.  Completion of the treatment usually involves finishing the root canal as well as placing the support structure for the crown if this is required.  Most but not all root canal treated teeth will require a crown at some point in time after completion of the root canal treatment.

After each treatment you will be given instructions on how to look after your tooth.  Written reports are  always sent to your referring dentist detailing the treatment plan and result of treatment.