Dental Students

Reflecting the involvement of the Phillippe O Zimet endodonic practice in teaching on many levels, We welcome students to come and observe the endodontists practising on patients. Attendees are requested to observe appropriate discretion in front of patients.

The aim of the day:

To complement your dental and endodontic education We will demonstrate first hand the skills, current technology, as well as the contemporary management practices required to fulfill the endodontic requirements of your patients.


  1. Have dental assistants demonstrate how to set up for endodontic treatment.
  2. Demonstrate how to undertake the root canal treatment using 4 handed dentistry.
  3. Exhibit the method and advantages of using the microscope, digital radiography and loupes during root canal treatment
  4. Have dental assistants demonstrate how to reset the treatment room following endodontic treatment.
  5. Have the dental assistant show the operation of the IRC to reprocess reusable instruments.
  6. The organizational and management requirements for endodontic practice.