What is an Endodontist?

A Root Canal Specialist

All dentists are trained to perform root canal treatment.

Many dentists refer cases they regard as complex root canal treatments.  For example, retreatment of the root canal fillings, anatomically complex teeth like curved roots or for surgical procedures.  

You will also be referred to an endodontist for emergency dental procedures such as severe discomfort due to infection, facial pain or swelling or trauma to the tooth.

Endodontists are specialist dentists who have studied for an extra 2 -3 years on root canal treatment.  If specialist care is indicated for your endodontic needs, your dentist will discuss this with you.

At the Phillippe O Zimet Specialist Endodontic Practice in Dandenong we use the latest techniques, state of the art equipment and instruments to undertake your root canal treatment and trauma management.  We also offer to undertake these procedures with the support from Nitrous Oxide Sedation (happy gas), IV Sedation and in special cases also at an offsite facility under general anaesthetic.