Patient Referral Form

For the dentist

Dentists can download and complete these referral forms. For all appointments and enquiries please call 03 9794 9677 (please note: as we endeavour to maintain the highest of quality for your patients we request that any appointment requests are made by telephone to avoid delays).

To help us plan for your patients visit, we would also appreciate if you could please forward on any relevant patient history notes and/or any digital radiographs that may assist management for your patient. Please e-mail us at [email protected].

We are now offering nervous patients the option to undertake root canal treatment with the assistance of Nitrous Oxide Sedation or General Anaesthetic. Please mark the referral card if you feel your patient would benefit from this.

For urgent referrals please telephone us and we will endeavour to see your patient within 24 hours.

For patients

Please contact our office at 03 9794 9677 for an appointment.